Thirteen percent favor independence

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Thirteen percent favor independence Empty Thirteen percent favor independence

Post  Drachenfire on Fri 27 Feb 2009 - 4:13

Thirteen percent favor independence

According to a recent poll commissioned by BBC Wales, 13% of respondants favor Welsh independence of some sort. Eight percent favor an independent Wales within the European Union, and another 5% outside of the EU. Additionally, 52% of respondants favor full parliamentry powers akin to the Scottish parliament.

The question is, how to increase the margin from 13%. What prevents that number from raising further? According to Cardiff University School of Psychology and reported in News Wales, Welsh speakers are more likely to favor independence then non-Welsh speakers. Does the key then to Welsh independence rest solely on the sholders of Welsh speakers? Is that fair to the children? If current trends continue, the fasted growing Welsh speakers are those between 11 and 16 age group.

Or should more efforts be extended to English-speaking Welsh communities to show them the benifits of independence.

What are the benifts of independence? Can we reduce the benifts of independence to three easy sound bites that would resonate with the Welsh people?

Further opinions on Betsan Powys blog Minding the Gap.


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Thirteen percent favor independence Empty Re: Thirteen percent favor independence

Post  Gwas-noweth on Sun 11 Jul 2010 - 23:56

Damn, not high enough!


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