RSBP attitude to Windfarms and the Barrage

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RSBP attitude to Windfarms and the Barrage Empty RSBP attitude to Windfarms and the Barrage

Post  MH on Fri 8 May 2009 - 3:10

I came across this article on the RSBP website a few weeks ago, and thought I'd better put details of it here for future reference.

Is this the wind of change?

We've never opposed the development of any windfarm that doesn't pose a threat to sensitive wildlife. And we're never going to stop opposing those that do.

Climate change is the most significant threat to biodiversity on the planet. And it’s because of this we feel the need to make our position on wind energy clear. The RSPB believes wind energy has an important role to play in tackling climate change. Consequently we only oppose those windfarms that pose a significant threat to wildlife.

We’ve always supported taking power from the wind, waves, the tides, the ground, and anything else that can justifiably be labelled as a renewable energy source that doesn’t damage the environment.

But we know there are some proposals out there – like the recently defeated Lewis windfarm application, and the current proposal for a barrage from Cardiff to Weston across the river Severn – that don’t meet sensible environmental standards. Based on the available science, we believe they'd harm the environment. And for this reason, we’ll continue to challenge them robustly, and other developments like them. We’ll do what our members would expect of us – and what the natural world demands of us.

RSPB Blog, 27 March 2009

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