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Post  Admin on Wed 1 Oct 2008 - 15:03

This forum will have a number of facets. One will be what we need to do to reduce our consumption of energy. This might involve new legislation on new and existing buildings and ways to reduce car mileage, for example.

On another level it concerns the way we produce electricity. Whether we should use nuclear and how we would deal with the waste, how we should expand the use of renewable energy and where, and on what scale, we should locate our power stations. It will also concern establishing better north-south links for our electricity grid, and its interconnectivity with England and Ireland.

Another facet will beĀ our own known and potential fossil fuel reserves. Whether and how we should exploit them, how we should tax what is extracted, and whether we should set up a long-term fund which will continue to benefit Wales when our fossil fuel reserves are depleted.


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