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Post  Kurt Steiner on Thu 28 Oct 2010 - 13:44

One of the key sources of power in the contemporary world is the Fossil fuel energy. But lately it has been found to be afflicted with a number of problems. The emission of harmful gases on the combustion of these fuel resources for the generation of energy has led to some serious problems like global warming. The build up of these gases is slowly causing the temperature of the earth as well as the oceans to increase. These gases are known as greenhouse gases.

It has become necessary for the world to seek other sources of energy. This has become all the more important with the rising prices and the decreasing supply of the fossil fuels. To counter the ill effects of fossil fuels and to seek energy independence, the world is now gradually moving towards the renewable energy sources. Like the name suggest, renewable energy sources can be regenerated and are unlimited in supply. The major sources of renewable energy are the sun, ocean water and the wind.

world energy research is an organization that promotes the usage of renewable energy. It develops the prospects in the different fields of energy sector with the help of experts for the investors to invest and maximize their gains.

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