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Tory Christman (formerly Tory Bezazian) is a prominent American critic of Scientology and former member of the organization. Originally brought up to believe in Catholicism, Christman turned to Scientology after being introduced to the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health authored by Scientology founder, science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, while staying with her parents in Chicago, Illinois. She identified with concepts described in the book including the idea of attaining the Scientology state of "Clear", and became a member of the organization in 1969. She hitchhiked from Chicago to Los Angeles, California in order to begin the process of studying Scientology, and initially felt that it helped improve her life. In 1972, she joined the elite division within Scientology called the Sea Org. After being a member of the Scientology organization for ten years, Christman reached the spiritual "Operating Thetan" level of OT III, and learned the story of Xenu. She subsequently rose to a higher Operating Thetan level of OT VII, the second-highest within the organization. Her medical condition of epilepsy caused difficulty while in Scientology, as the organization did not approve of taking medication in order to manage her condition.

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