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Post  chickengold92 on Mon 22 Nov 2010 - 6:51

Nursing Home Bedsore Lawsuits
Bedsores in nursing homes almost invariably result from the negligence of the nursing home in their failure to properly care for their residents. Usually, these injuries occur in residents who are partially or completely incapacitated. These patients need care and adjustment to avoid the formation of bedsores.
Obviously, we know the cost of bedsores to the neglected patient: awful pain that can be permanent and even fatal. According to a new study, bedsores are the most costly injury to society, resulting in medical costs of almost $3.9 billion. That's the lifetime income for your 2,000 best friends.

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Environmental issues Empty Re: Environmental issues

Post  heroisthai on Sun 28 Nov 2010 - 10:19

Thank you very much
I need it

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