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By 1801 Lambert's weight had increased to about 40 stone (560 lb; 250 kg), and, as his bulk meant neither he nor his horse were able to keep up with the hunt, he was forced to give up hunting.[11] He continued to maintain an interest in field sports, keeping a pack of 30 terriers.[9] By this time, although he retained his solid reputation as a gaoler, serious concerns were being raised about his fitness for the post.[16] Traditional gaols were falling out of favour and being replaced with forced labour institutions, and in 1805 the old Bridewell gaol was closed.[12] Lambert was left without a job, but was granted an annuity of £50 (about £3,100 as of 2010) a year by the Leicester magistrates, in recognition of his excellent service as gaol keeper.[17][18]

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