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Post  Admin on Thu 20 Nov 2008 - 5:15

The idea behind setting up this site came from a conversation at Plaid's conference in September 2008. As is now the case with all party conferences in an age of media exposure, what happens on the platform is more to do with presenting policy than debating it, and outside the main sessions the emphasis is primarily on lobbying, networking and maintaining contacts. Someone talked about the old Plaid Summer Schools, a setting for people to present their ideas and get feedback as well as a place for those who simply wanted to learn more about how aspirations and political ideas can be turned into reality. These forums are intended to be a modern way of doing the same thing. There are many good blogs, but the advantage of a forum is that the emphasis is on dialogue rather than response. It's important that people have the right to initiate discussion as well as respond to it.

The basis premise that underlies the way this site has been set up is that an independent Wales will need to be rather different from what it is now. Every country needs to have a framework of fundamental structures and institutions in place in order to safeguard the wellbeing, prosperity and security of its people. Wales does have some of these things and with the progress of devolution is gaining more, but we are some way from having all of them. Yes, if Wales were to become independent tomorrow, we would get by somehow. But it would be much better to work out and shape what needs to be done now, rather than wait until then.

Also, by establishing things like robust political structures, a strong industrial base, good infrastructure and flourishing arts and media, we are actually paving the way for Wales to become an independent nation. We live in a democracy, and the only way we are going to become independent is when the majority of people in Wales are convinced that we will be better off governing ourselves, rather than being governed as a small part of a large state. This means that there is precious little point in merely replicating the structures and institutions of the UK, instead we have to design ones that suit us better. After all, if we were content with the way the UK works now, why would any of us want independence?


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