Identity, anonymity and modifying your profile

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Identity, anonymity and modifying your profile Empty Identity, anonymity and modifying your profile

Post  Admin on Thu 20 Nov 2008 - 6:55

It is a fact of internet life that people can create any identity they choose. Some people may choose to use their real names on this forum, especially those who are already in the public eye, others may choose not to, perhaps for exactly the same reason. Both are quite acceptable.

Each member, when they register or at any time afterwards, can modify anything about their profile (with the exception of their username) by clicking the Profile button at the top of the page. You can also include as much contact information as you choose, including email and web site addresses, your location and instant messenger or Skype details.

Occasionally someone with a public profile or a reputation to maintain (or to live down) might want to float some off-the-wall ideas, just to see what sort of reaction they get. In such cases having a second identity on the forum will do no harm, however it is something that needs to be used with care. One thing that will not be tolerated is creating multiple identities to all say the same thing, or for you to say how much you agree with everything you've just said.


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