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Post  patuan89 on Tue 14 Dec 2010 - 7:37

Does Peppermint Oil Really Get Rid of Mice?

The debate over which method of getting rid of mice works the best has been going on for decades. The most common methods include traps, poison, and glue boards. Some people use peppermint oil to get rid of mice. Even though this is an environmentally friendly way to deter mice from entering your home, garage, barn, and farm equipment, it is not shown in independent comparisons to be the most effective "Natural" way to get rid of mice.
Problems using Peppermint Oil

As with any home remedy for getting rid of mice, the instructions for using peppermint oil are vague. There is no formula for figuring out how much peppermint oil to use for an area. You don’t know how often the peppermint oil needs to be changed. Sometimes you can create a mess if the peppermint oil spills. You will need to keep children and pets away from the peppermint oil to avoid any harmful effects. Although some people have reported that peppermint oil helped get rid of their mice, the results are inconclusive.
peppermint oil mice


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