Conclusions on the present real estate developments in Cochin

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Conclusions on the present real estate developments in Cochin Empty Conclusions on the present real estate developments in Cochin

Post  galli on Tue 1 Mar 2011 - 8:08

We can quickly arrive at a conclusion within a short span of time when analyzing the feverish pace of apartment development taking place in Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala.  Next to Cochin, Trivandrum is also now witnessing major real estate developments.  Thus, it can be safely concluded that in both the cities, an overall pattern of decentralization and sub-urbanization of elite colonies and occupational groups is recording an exponential growth. 
The peripheral zones and a particular zone in Cochin are now becoming more popular among the elite section of the population.  This concentration of elitists in a particular zone and sector of the city is the result of the availability of a multitude of choices and the financial ability to take the right decisions at the right time.  The posh colonies located at radial and circumferential routes were the most accessible and thus they grew in size. 
The creation of discrete centers and nuclei in the outer zones of a particular sector resulted in its outgrowth.  These patterns are the result of the process of gentrification and filtering down.  Thus, a paradigm shift occurred with respect to the location of elitists in the city.  The interesting aspect to be noted here is that these elitists were previously concentrated in the core areas and are now distributed in the peripheral zones. 
This shift will certainly have its own consequences, which can be seen in the decentralization of other classes.  Thus, the spatial structure of cities like Cochin is undergoing a sea change which needs to be analyzed further.  Due to the continuing march of the urbanization forces, when considering the demand for Apartments Cochin City as a whole is witnessing a phenomenal boom unseen in earlier times.  The urban poor are getting increasingly marginalized while the new emerging middle class people are continuously strengthening their financial muscle.


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