To create a heartland for Wales

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To create a heartland for Wales Empty To create a heartland for Wales

Post  Another Sean on Fri 21 Mar 2014 - 18:05

To be perfectly honest I am really interested in Scottish independence.
But I would like that to be as part of a group of free Celtic nations: Scotland, Ireland Wales an if possible Cornwall.
Now from a geopolitical view point Scottish independence is straightforward, the Scottish population is concentrated in the central belt which is Physically seperated from England by a wide range of hills.
The same is not true for Wales the majority population is concentrated in the South around Cardiff and the vallies. There is a similar but smaller concentration in the North. It is far easier to go through England if you wish to travel between them. But far more important the capital Cardiff is intimately connected to England via the M4. Under these circumstances it is difficult to visualize Wales ever becoming truely independent.
So I propose the following:
Transfer the Adminstrative capital ahd the cultural centers to Aberwystwyth, there sheltered by the Cambrians from England a true heartland can be formed.
Connect the New Capital by motorways to Bangor in the North as a Nortern Centre and Swansea in the South as a Southern centre . Cardiff can then become the former historical capital and a centre for industry.

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