Regional GVA 2007 - Sad news

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Regional GVA 2007 - Sad news Empty Regional GVA 2007 - Sad news

Post  MH on Tue 16 Dec 2008 - 3:02

The Office for National Statistics has released the regional, sub-regional and local GVA figures for 2007. They do not make good reading. WalesOnline had this story:

Wales slips further behind UK GVA average

As always, it's best to look at the data, which can be downloaded here:

Regional, sub-regional and local GVA - 2007

At NUTS 1 level (Wales, Scotland, NI and the nine regions of England) Wales is at the bottom of the GVA per head table, at 75% of the UK Average. Next is NE England at 79%. London is way ahead at 152% with SE England at 113%.

At NUTS 2 level, West Wales and the Valleys are second bottom at 64% (Cornwall is just below us at 63%). Inner London is at 279%. The difference between top and bottom is over 4 times.

At NUTS 3 Level, Wales has three areas in the bottom five: Ynys Mon bottom at 56%, the Gwent Valleys at 58% and the Central Valleys at 60%. Inner London West is at a staggering 492% ... nearly nine times greater than Ynys Mon.

There are a few points to note, the first is that GVA per head in Wales is going up. It has risen from £10,290 in 1998 to £14,887 in 2007. But it has not risen as quickly as elsewhere in the UK. The second is that GVA is not a measure of standard of living, because certain things (notably housing) cost much more in places like London than in Wales. Bear in mind that these are 2007 figures, before the credit crunch.

But, even so, things are not moving in the right direction. One of the most telling graphs is this:

Regional GVA 2007 - Sad news GVAperhead

It shows that the GVA of London has grown at the expense of nearly everywhere else in the UK. In other words, that the UK government is still pursuing policies that encourage rather than alleviate over-centralization.

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Regional GVA 2007 - Sad news Empty Re: Regional GVA 2007 - Sad news

Post  Aggressive Voltage on Sat 20 Dec 2008 - 3:36

There'll be plenty of people who say this proves that Wales can't afford to be independent. I think it shows that we can't afford to go on like this. Labour told us that the aim of their policies was to get our GDP up to 90% of the UK average, but it's gone in the opposite direction.
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