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Post  Admin on Wed 1 Oct 2008 - 14:59

What place should Wales take world stage? Indeed, is there any place for a small country like Wales, or would we simply be ignored? Would we need to be part of a larger organization or organizations for our voice to be heard? And if so, what should these be?

Unavoidably, one of the answers to these questions is going to be the European Union. So a large part of the discussion will centre on what an independent Wales should expect to get from the EU ... as well as what we'd have to give.

What do we want to EU to be and how, in particular, do we expect smaller nations to be part of it without being subsumed into it? What should we looking for in a revised Lisbon Treaty? Alternatively, if we reject the idea of the EU, or if the EU develops into something we do not want Wales to be part of, what are the alternatives?

On the world stage, it is axiomatic that an independent Wales will be a member of the United Nations. But there are many other ways we might want to represent ourselves and our citizens in the world.

• Where should we have embassies and consulates?
• How do we promote inward investment from overseas?
• How do we promote fair trade and give aid to developing countries?

There are ex pats and people of Welsh descent all over the world. How do we make best use of their goodwill in helping to raise Wales' profile in the world? What special relationships can we build on? Should we encourage those that want to return to a newly independent Wales to do so?

Finally we should consider whether an independent Wales should retain an interest in British Overseas Territories. Where there are native populations it would seem right that we should support the claims they might have for independence in the same way as ours, but what of those which are uninhabited like the British Antarctic Territory and South Georgia?


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