One day Wales will be an independent nation, taking its place at the United Nations, in Europe, and on the international stage on the same basis and with the same status as the other nations of the world.

Welcome to the Syniadau forums. If you share this vision, this site is intended to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas that will help make it a reality.


The basis premise that underlies the way this site has been set up is that an independent Wales will need to be rather different from what it is now. Every country needs to have a framework of fundamental structures and institutions in place in order to safeguard the wellbeing, prosperity and security of its people. Wales does have some of these and with the progress of devolution is gaining more, but we are some way from having all of them. Therefore we need to work out how to develop these structures so as to pave the way for Wales to become an independent nation.


The site has two main sections. The first address the different aspects of what shape an independent Wales should take, and is split into a number of separate forums for each subject. The second section deals with the more general strategies and tactics we need to adopt to win the hearts and minds of our fellow countrymen and women. At the start of each forum there is a brief About this Forum explanation of the sort of issues that we might discuss, which is meant to be suggestive rather than restrictive.


Anyone is free to browse these forums by clicking the Forum button above, and anyone who wants to contribute can become a member by clicking the Register button. It stands to reason that most of those who contribute to this forum are likely to be Plaid Cymru supporters, but we in no way want to limit contributions. There are supporters of other political parties who want independence, and there are indeed people who support Plaid Cymru who do not want independence. Anyone who wants to present a point of view or participate in any discussion is free to do so. This might well include those who wish to see greater devolution for Wales within the context of the United Kingdom, and it might even include those who are against devolution altogether, provided their opinions are offered in a constructive way.


Please look in the General Information section for a more detailed explanation about how the site came to be set up, what is expected from contributors, how to link to sources, and the like. Finally, please feel free to leave any comments, complaints or suggestions in the Feedback section.