Welsh Contemporary Music

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Welsh Contemporary Music

Post  MH on Sat 29 Nov 2008 - 21:19

The vitality and vibrancy of the music we make and listen to is just as important to our life as a nation as any other aspect of the arts, or as any political structure we devise ... in fact, perhaps more so.

I'm sure many people will know much more about the Welsh music scene than I do. But I'll start with a couple of things, and see if anyone has views on the matter.

The first is a positive ... to listen to and enjoy the music! This is a good way to get a taste, for free!

Gwefan Dan y Cownter 3 yn fyw!
Safle llwythiadau rhad ac am ddim yn adlewyrchu amser cyffroes i’r Sin Gerddoriaeth Gymraeg

Mae Dan Y Cownter 3 yn safle llwytho i lawr rhad ac am ddim @ www.danycownter.com sy’n cynnwys deg o draciau gan ddeg o artistiaid Cymraeg ifanc wahanol iawn - mae yna rywbeth at ddant pawb.

Nawr yn ei thrydedd flwyddyn, mae Dan y Cownter yn bartneriaeth rhwng Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg a Sefydliad Cerddoriaeth Gymreig. Pwrpas yr albwm aml gyfrannog ar-lein hon yw adlewyrchu bwrlwm a chyfoeth cerddoriaeth gyfoes Gymraeg a denu mwy o bobl i ymddiddori yn y maes – trwy’r we.

Dewiswyd y 10 trac gan y DJ Huw Stephens o Radio Cymru a Radio 1 a grwpiau o bobl ifanc mewn gwahanol ardaloedd ar draws Cymru.

Dywedodd Huw Stephens : “Unwaith eto mae Dan y Cownter yn gasgliad cyffrous sy'n adlewyrchu rhai o gerddorion talentog a phrysur y sin. Fi'n sicr bydd llawer yn cael boddhad allan o'r caneuon yma, a gobeithio byddant yn creu argraff ar lawer o ffans newydd.”

Mae Dan y Cownter 3 yn cynnwys traciau gan Derwyddon Dr Gonzo, Cate Le Bon, MC Mabon, Messner, Mr Huw, Eitha Tal Ffranco, Fflur Dafydd, Mattoidz, Wrightoid a’r Diwygiad, ac felly’n cynnwys amrywiaeth eang o gerddoriaeth - acwstig, jazz, indie, roc a hip-hop. Mae’r wefan hefyd yn cynnwys llawer iawn o wybodaeth am y sin gerddoriaeth Gymraeg.

Am ragor o wybodaeth ewch i www.danycownter.com neu cysylltwch â post@danycownter.com

Dan Y Cownter 3 website is live!
Free download site reflects an exciting time for the Welsh language music scene

Dan Y Cownter 3 is a free download site @ www.danycownter.com that features ten exciting new tracks from ten very different Welsh acts. With flavours of acoustic, jazz, indie, rock and hip-hop to sample, there’s certainly something for all tastes.

The tracks were chosen by the Radio 1 and Radio Cymru DJ Huw Stephens and youth groups from all around Wales.

Huw Stephens said: “Once again, Dan y Cownter is an exciting collection that reflects some of the most talented and busy musicians from the scene in Wales. I’m sure that lots of people will enjoy these songs, and I hope that they will create an impression on many new fans”

The site aims to introduce more young people to the very vibrant Welsh language music scene in a way that they are used to finding out about music – through the internet.

Dan y Cownter 3 includes tracks from hot new and established acts such as Derwyddon Dr Gonzo, Cate Le Bon, MC Mabon, Messner, Mr Huw, Eitha Tal Ffranco, Fflur Dafydd, Mattoidz, Wrightoid and Y Diwygiad. The website also includes a huge amount of information on all aspects of the Welsh language music scene.

Bands featured on the Dan Y Cownter 3 collection will play live at The Royal Welsh Show and National Eisteddfod over the summer.

Now in its third year, the Day Y Cownter Project is a partnership between the Welsh Language Board and Welsh Music Foundation.

For more information check www.danycownter.com or contact post@danycownter.com
My second point is more serious. Earlier in 2008 there was some concern about royalty payments, in particular the way the Performing Rights Society was proposing to change its policy. Here are two reports from then:

Daily Post, 11 Jan 2008
BBC, 25 March 2008

Does anyone know how this worked out? And does anyone have views on how we might improve the system as it operates in Wales? For example, how would a separate arrangement for Wales work?

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Re: Welsh Contemporary Music

Post  Musical on Sun 30 Nov 2008 - 2:41

Gwych! Anyone know of a way to get hold of Dan Y Cownter 1 and 2? Is there a torrent or something?


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Re: Welsh Contemporary Music

Post  LeeRain on Sat 11 Sep 2010 - 12:24

Wait. It didn't grab any forums that had subforums.
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Re: Welsh Contemporary Music

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