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Post  Admin on Wed 21 Jan 2009 - 7:01

It's a fact of internet life that many sites are inundated by advertisements. The Syniadau forums are enabled by Forumotion, and some advertisements have started to appear. At present they only appear to guests and visitors, and should disappear for members when logged in.

However if you find all advertisements intrusive, you might like to consider blocking them. This is very difficult to do if you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but is quite easy if you use Opera or Firefox. In fact, it is generally a very good idea not to use Internet Explorer because most computer viruses and attacks get through to your computer partly through inherent weaknesses in that software, partly because (being the most popular browser) most attackers concentrate on it rather than alternative browsers, and partly because the sort of people that devise such attacks tend to have a particular grudge against Microsoft.

If you use Windows, switching to Opera or Firefox means your risk of attack and infection will be greatly reduced, you will get a faster response, a more customizable interface and, most important, the Windows operating system will not collect information about you that is hidden away in invisible files which are very difficult to delete. You don't need to get rid of Internet Explorer, you simply keep it but use the other browsers instead.

Firefox is the simpler browser. You can download it in either English or Welsh:


To block adverts you will need to install an Add-on called Adblock Plus from here.

Opera is much better, faster, and more customizable. But it is a little more difficult to configure and, sadly, doesn't have a Welsh version. You can download it here:


You then need to add a list of filters such as this one. Unzip the urlfilter.ini file and put it in your Opera profile folder.


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