Tidal Power from the Severn Estuary

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Tidal Power from the Severn Estuary

Post  MH on Tue 27 Jan 2009 - 17:05

The UK government published a shortlist of schemes for the harnessing tidal power from the Severn yesterday, along with a consultation document. There will be a three month consultation period, with a final decision made in 2010.

Here are some of the news clips. Please note that the C4 news shows the correct location of the shortlisted Bridgewater Bay lagoon (although with the wrong profile) but that the BBC shows the wrong location.

One of the more balanced articles in the press is in the Independent:

The great divide: Green dilemma over plans for Severn barrage

The Consultation Document can be downloaded here:

WAG website
Severn Tidal Power: Phase 1 Consultation

And for background reading, this publication by the Sustainable Development Commission has formed the backbone of the UK government's thinking:

SDC - Turning the Tide, October 2007

I've got plenty to say about this, but haven't got time to do it right now. However Gordon James of Friends of the Earth Cymru has views which are fairly close to my own ... namely that offshore tidal lagoons offer the best way forward. There is a very big difference between offshore lagoons and lagoons against the coast, both in terms of ecological impact and in terms of the amount of energy they can generate.

Barrage fixation - BBC, 26 Jan 2009

I'd like to invite others to discuss the issue, and if people share my broad views I'd like be happy to explore ways in which we might use this forum to collaborate in making our submissions.

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Re: Tidal Power from the Severn Estuary

Post  Aderyn y Si on Fri 6 Feb 2009 - 0:55

I don't want to be negative, MH, but I think this is another one that the Government have made up their minds on. This consultation is probably a case of going through the correct procedures (so they don't get the same legal challenge that they did with nuclear).

It will be the big Cardiff to Weston barrage. The only thing that could stop it would be money, and I think it's ominous that they should be talking about that one alone requiring a degree of public funding. I could say that the economic climate makes money scarce, but on the other hand a big building project will employ a good few people for many years.
Aderyn y Si

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Re: Tidal Power from the Severn Estuary

Post  Gwas-noweth on Sun 11 Jul 2010 - 23:54

The thing with the Severn barrage is that if Wales were independent the thing would have to be a joint project between England and Wales, with both parties taking a share of the profits and energy, much like with the Itapu Dam in Brazil and Paraguay, although they've had a few disputes about it sometimes.

Itaipu dam


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Re: Tidal Power from the Severn Estuary

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