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"Combining expertise in Geotechnical Engineering, Geophysics and Engineering Geology to deliver optimised solutions"

Our clients can …Count On Fugro GeoConsulting…. to predict and mitigate their project’s risks – safeguarding their schedules and ensuring profitability

Integrated Services

The Fugro GeoConsulting group is able to provide integrated services for site assessments, route investigations and offshore field development projects. We are able to enhance our clients’ understanding of geological and geotechnical risks associated with all offshore field developments. Fugro GeoConsulting facilitates the decision-making process from initial concept to detailed design.

Optimised Solutions

We employ some of the world’s most experienced specialists in engineering geology, geophysics and geotechnical engineering. By combining the Fugro Group’s expertise in geosciences and engineering, we are able to offer a global capacity for data collection, processing, interpretation, analysis and management; quantifying the physical environment of our client’s sites and delivering optimised engineering solutions.

Unique Worldwide Scope

The scope of the cohesive activities that the Fugro group offers worldwide is unique. Fugro GeoConsulting recognises that each industry and sector of activity has its own processes and regional requirements and we are able to offer tailored life of field solutions to suit.

Fugro Geoconsulting
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