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Post  Admin on Wed 1 Oct 2008 - 14:49

This might appear to be a rather unwieldy grouping, but it is an attempt to recognize that such bodies (even though in the case of religious bodies, it may not be their primary function) play an important part in the life of a nation.

In the past, many services which are now provided by the state were provided by such organisations, and even now they provide parallel or auxilliary help for things which would otherwise put an additional burden on the state. A good example would be St John's Ambulance.

The RNLI Lifeboat service continues to provide on a charitable/volunteer basis a service that most other countries would consider to be the rightful role of government to provide.

So what would we like to see in Wales? Which services should be publicly run and funded? How do we best tap into the vast reserves of goodwill and dedication that so many ordinary citizens are willing to give their country and communities? How do we integrate the two? What role, if any, should these bodies have in helping to shape our legislation?

These are just some of the questions that we can discuss in this forum.


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