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Post  lunamoonfang on Sat 18 Dec 2010 - 10:04

Didn't know where I should request a song so I guess I'd put it here.

Exactly Im looking for a song which lyrics are for molly:

"molly molly
is a girl
like no other in this world
she's so cute
ew ew ew
there's one thing
that there are so few ew
girls like you it's true ew
she's hot but a prude
she's fi-ine
she's almost divine
she's mine oh o

she wont go to partys
if there's alcohol
and the smell of smoke
it makes her choke
and for sure , she'll never smoke a doobie
cus she doesn't do drugs
yeh you carn't touch her booty
yeh trust me i've tried
she's fi-ine
she's almost divine
and she's mine
oh o

she's fine oh o
she's mine mine
wohh oh o
she's fine fine
wohh oh o

wont you come to my place and we'll have a good time
don't you worry cus your stand is where we compromise
carn't you see that what i need is a girl like you
the only problem is that there are just so few ew
girls like you
it's true ew
she's hot but a prude
and won't you have a glass
no she's molly my man
and wont get no action
just a slap in the face
it's true she's hot but a prude
she's mine "
it's so great and I can't find the mp3 or w/e of music. I'd be greatful if you pm me with the song's link or put it in here


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