Estyn Annual Report, 2007-08

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Estyn Annual Report, 2007-08 Empty Estyn Annual Report, 2007-08

Post  MH on Wed 28 Jan 2009 - 6:30

Prompted by this report on the BBC website, I visited the Estyn website to download their latest Annual Report. I must say that I am very impressed with their graphic makeover. This is my favourite banner:

Estyn Annual Report, 2007-08 Banner_1

They even had a video introduction by the Chief Inspector, Dr Bill Maxwell. I'll resist the temptation to post it here in the hope that people will go to the site and see it for themselves.

Annual Report Introduction
Annual Report 2007-08

As I skimmed through it one of the things that surprised me was this chart on page 52:

Estyn Annual Report, 2007-08 Estyn35

It shows a very wide discrepancy between GCSE performance by local authority. 41% in Merthyr compared with 65% in Ceredigion. Well done Ceredigion. But I can't really discern a pattern here. I'd have thought performance would reflect wealth.

To be fair, this next table shows the relative improvement:

Estyn Annual Report, 2007-08 Estyn36

Can anyone shed any light or offer any comments? I wonder if it's worth asking whether such wide discrepancies, if not understandable in terms of relative wealth or social deprivation, indicate that some local authorities are simply not up to speed. Only last year Denbighshire, who are close to bottom in both tables, came under severe criticism from Estyn.

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Estyn Annual Report, 2007-08 Empty Re: Estyn Annual Report, 2007-08

Post  Aderyn y Si on Fri 6 Feb 2009 - 0:47

You said hats off to Ceredigion, MH. I say hats off the Neath Port Talbot too, that improvement in performance is amazing!

But I don't understand why Merthyr and Denbigh should be doing so badly either.
Aderyn y Si
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